As a company, you wish to build your brand and get your message across to targeted audiences in order to boost your business. And you are well aware that public relations specialists can integrate communications services to drive results.

Here is where comPRendo comes in: experienced PR-professionals can not only place your story in influential publications, but they can also take clients’ messages and amplify them directly to target audiences on various platforms.

Why choose comPRendo:

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We are a small-scale, client-oriented PR-company with more than 20 years of experience in brand and marketing communication, PR and influencer relations. We specialize in consumer lifestyle brands with a focus on beauty and wellness, fashion and accessories, home decor and design, food and drinks.

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We are strong believers in every brand we represent. Each and every brand in our portfolio counts and we take pride in our work for larger companies as much as we do for small start-up brands

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We always strive for long-term client relationships built on open communication and result-oriented strategic advice. Building bridges between our clients and their public through strategic communication is our strength, based on a clear understanding of clients’ needs and objectives on the one hand, and a thorough knowledge of media and inluencer target groups on the other.

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Comprendo believes in a personal approach, not only with clients, journalists, influencers, stylists and all possible media partners, but also with suppliers such as graphic designers and translators.

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Comprendo takes pride in collaborations across PR-agencies for successful events such as press days and PR-speeddating. Cross agency collaborations allow us to challenge ourselves, to stay in the know, to boost creativity and to further expand our network.

Networking makes PR go round!