Strategy Development

Strategy development is the first step in any PR-plan: clearly defined goals are key in determining communication tactics, as are strengths and weaknesses, USP’s, clearly defined target groups, and, most importantly, define what success is to you.


With a degree in linguistics, messaging is one of our favourite aspects of any PR-job. Going by the age-old adage of “it’s not what you say, but how you say it”, comPRendo helps clients define their mission, vision and goals in an attractive and compelling way.

Media Relations

At the heart of our PR-services lie media relations – the way your company or brand engages and interacts with the media. comPRendo prides itself in an excellent network of media contacts, allowing us to take a brand’s core messaging and turn it into compelling stories for the media to cover.

Content Marketing

Media relations result in endorsements from the press, which creates credibility, while content marketing translates brand messaging into valuable pieces of content that can live on your own channels such as a website, blog, magazine etc. Content marketing helps brands to promote their product or service, attract consumers and drive leads.

Events and Experiential Marketing

Public relations is about getting people to talk about your brand and products. Press releases are great, but in today’s digitalized world, an event is definitely an added value. Events allow attendees to experience your brand, and they’re an effective means to bring a message across to your target group. With measurable results afterwards.

Influencer Relations and influencer marketing

Working with an authentic brand ambassador or social influencer is a great way to build a brand voice and personality.

comPRendo approaches influencer marketing as a PR-discipline, in which personal relationships are of primary importance. This helps us to draw a map of available influencer profiles and their personal interests, it helps us define whether or not a partciular profile is a good match for your brand and  build long-term personal relationships with important influencers.

Media buying and online advertising

The ideal media mix also includes media buying. Which is why comPRendo often supports brands with media buying activities, such as online bannering, advertorials or advertisements. This is a specialty that requires knowledge of all options and the available alternatives. Together, we can define your target groups and provide advice on how to reach them.